LAB2GO - Mobile laboratory

LAB2GO - Mobile laboratory
LAB2GO is a turn-key product that offers a mobile, fast deployment and ready to operate alternative to standard BSL 2 and BSL 3 laboratories.


LAB2GO is burgeoning into a ready-to-use solution comprising all features, each of them elaborated and improved individually to fulfill the requirements and promote a more dynamic and agile workflow, including:

o Adjustable layout and design;
o Adapted to be connected to other LAB2GO units;  
o Detailed, custom-made and unique architecture;
o Advanced HVAC system specific for Level 2 and 3 containment;
o Modern and efficient laboratory equipment;
o A computer for monitoring of the inside environment, equipment, and data saving
o Unique Type Project furniture: futuristic, custom-made, and clean lines;
o Adequate training of operators/technicians;
o Operators’ training and support through audio-visual content accessible at any time;
o Energy efficiency according to ISO 14644-16;
o Overseas preventive maintenance.

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