Contingency Plan

Following the recent updates regarding COVID-19 pandemic, Type Solution as well as all companies from Type Group implemented a contingency plan following the recommendation from DGS to minimize the health hazard risks of collaborators, customers and general population, contributing at the same time for essential activities continuity for society.
Among other measures already implemented, we point out the use of telework which implies that the use of e-mail instead of calling is preferable. You can send an e-mail to your usual contact or to

This plan was designed for internal and external collaborators as well as visitor or service suppliers.

As a preventive measure Type Solution has delivered to all collaborators personal protective equipment and explained all hygiene procedures.

An isolation area as been defined as well conditions for a possible infection case. The plan was also disclosed internal and externally to all parties.

We hope you are safe and remember: the first line of defense is our protection and individual care