LAB2GO – Mobile Laboratory

LAB2GO – Mobile Laboratory

We are developing LAB2GO to be a turnkey product that offers a ready-to-use mobile laboratory with rapid deployment, as an alternative to traditional BSL2 and BSL3.

LAB2GO is growing as a ready-to-use solution with all the necessary and enhanced features to meet requirements and promote a dynamic and agile workflow, including:

o Layout and adjustable design;

o Adapted to connect with other LAB2GO units;

o Unique detailed and personalized architecture;

o Advanced HVAC system for level 2 and 3 containment;

the Laboratory with modern and efficient equipment;

o Monitoring the internal environment, equipment and data safeguarding;

o Exclusive Type Project furniture: Futuristic, personalized and fluid lines;

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o Training of operators with audio visual resources available at any time;

o Energy efficiency in accordance with ISO 14644-16;