ST1 Potent Powder Weighing Enclosure

ST1 Potent Powder Weighing Enclosure
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Containment Technology Services

Containment Technology Services (CTS) ST1 weighing chambers are specifically designed to protect the operator when handling and weighing potentially harmful / powerful powders.

The ST1 weighing chambers have a unique design with reduced airflow and without turbulence that allows the use of sensitive scales with confidence and protects the operator from contaminants.

CTS’ Weighing chambers ST1 are used by companies in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide and have the following features:
– Tested to provide an exposure control limit (ECL) of less than 20 ng / m3;
– The black granite base provides stability and is an easy to clean surface;
– Its ergonomic design allows the operator to work comfortably;
– It has a dual flow sensor that allows safer use;
– The replacement of HEPA filters is done in a safe way, without putting the operator at risk;
– Available in 3 original sizes: 90 cm, 1.20 m and 1.50 m, but there is the possibility of being customized.