HIAC 9703+ Liquid Particle Counter

HIAC 9703+ Liquid Particle Counter
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Beckman Coulter

The Beckman Coulter HIAC 9703+ liquid particle counter was designed for the analysis of solutions in the pharmaceutical industry according to the recommendations:
– Injectable drugs: USP <788>, EP <2.9.19>, JP <11> and <24>, KP <52>;
– Ophthalmic: ESP <789>;
– Inhalable: USP <788> (levalbuterol inhalation).

It is a versatile and easy to configure equipment that suits your needs: it is possible to define the working flow (10 to 100 ml / min) and use different particle size detection sensors between 0.5 and 600 µm.

Only 1 ml of sample is sufficient for the HIAC 9703+ to run a complete set of tests. HIAC 9703+ allows the determination of particles in samples with volumes between 1 ml and volumes greater than 1000 ml, being suitable for the analysis of small volumes but also for large volumes of injectables.

Whenever the equipment detects air bubbles in the sample and / or contamination of the sensors, it emits an alarm signal to warn the user.

The PharmSpec software allows the user to schedule back-ups of data recorded by HIAC 9703+ to a safe location and in the event of a power failure it also has a tool that allows data recovery.