Milli-Q IX 7000 Water Purification System

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Production of type II water from main water with exceptional quality guaranteeing complete compliance in all laboratories, even in sensitive applications where the precision and efficiency of the results is critical. It has an IPAK Gard pretreatment module of high efficiency in removing contaminants and protecting the reverse osmosis membrane.
The intelligent reverse osmosis system adapts the production flow to the temperature of the feed water and optimizes the recovery of rejected water.

– Patented Elix EDI module and ech2o® mercury-free germicidal UV lamp, with emission at 265 nm, for the production of purified water with a constant high quality.
– Continuous and accurate monitoring of resistivity levels, directly from the touchscreen of the dispenser.
– Three options are available for the production flow: 3, 5, 10 and 15 liters per hour.
– Possibility to choose the terminal filter in the E-POD® dispenser depending on the application.
– The water produced is stored in a tank designed to minimize the risk of contamination (consult us for different storage options).
– Quality of water produced:
Resistivity at 25 ° C:> 5 MΩ.cm
TOC: ≤ 30 ppb